Park-hotel  has been established at 1991-1994 by buildings’ reconstruction of a former city brewery. Its origin reaches 13th and beginning of 14th century. The brewery with a yard and a garden were bought by the Kašperk castle holder of that time. It was well educated baron Jiří Lokšan, a secretary of kings Ludvík and Ferdinand I., a king’s counsel and a German vice chancellor of the Czech Kingdom.

At 1551, after his death a widow Kateřina sold the building with the brewery to the town. Townsmen willingly took a charge of the brewery that was in operation up to July 1947. A lot of reports support the reality that the town always perfectly looked after the brewery, reconstructed and expanded it and modernized technical equipment. In the past decade the former brewer’s buildings have been used as stocks and garages, which gradually decayed and turned into ruins.

After November 1989 the town sold the “brewery “to the private sector. Than the “brewery” has been rebuilt into the world-class hotel. The main emphasis has been put on a conservation of historical elements (beautiful arcades in the wine bar, restaurant and other areas), which succeeded according to experts’ meaning. Hotel’s panorama Town Kašperské Hory, where our hotel is situated, lies in the middle of the magic region Šumava in the altitude about 700 m.